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When you are speaking to someone, what are they actually hearing? Do they hear your voice, your message, your passion, your heart or do they hear you at all?

Communicating with others is like trying to mix water and oil.

If you are trying to communicate with others about a specific topic, you will need to know if that specific topic is even of interest to them. You will need to know if they even like the tone of your voice, or the language that you are using.

My point to this is that when you are marketing anything, including yourself, you have to be aware of the audience that could be listening, or not. You have to be aware of not only your surroundings you also have to be subconsciously aware of even the little things, like your tone of voice.

I recently was approached by a fellow office agent, and they were quite pleasant to talk with, BUT (and there is always a BUT), they did not know anything about me. That actually is not the issue, but rather the issue laid within what they were trying to communicate. Had they asked me all the right questions, previous to what they were telling me, they would have known what I was all about, and the conversation could have been more productive and efficient.

The conversation started so badly, I thought I was going to have to say “let’s start this all over again…, Hi, my name is Ray and I am in the commercial real estate field, my expertise is in tenant representation….” and so on. The conversation started out by them basically telling me how I should be doing my job, and not allowing any input from me whatsoever. Had they simply asked me what I can or cannot do, I would have obliged them and let them know up front.

The conversation went on by them telling me how I should be working in commercial real estate, and I was not even paying attention to what they were saying at that point, just simply waiting until it was my turn to tell them how I work.

In the end, the referral of the business fell in my lap, and now it is time to market my skills and my new found client to the masses and find them the right space the right way!

If we lived in a quite world, where there was no overstepping of words, conversations, boundaries and egos, we would live in such a more vibrant world, full of energy and laughter (all the way to the bank!)

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