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I ran into an old acquaintance the other day, and glad I did, because they had a customer who was having an issue with the WooCommerce Password Strength Meter not allowing less than what their own customers wanted. My acquaintance couldn’t seem to find the right action or filter to ensure that the meter could either be reduced or disabled, and he completely disabled it. He asked me if I could help.

I opted to find an action or filter to see if the ability to make a reduction in strength could be performed before acknowledging that I could actually do this.

A password strength meter was added to the checkout page in WooCommerce 2.5

Instead of just completely disabling this, as a WooCommerce Expert tells about his method of doing so here, I ended up finding the right filter:


So, I made a plugin 🙂

The plugin allows you to actually set the strength in the back-end with a simple dropdown selection, and once saved, that becomes the minimum strength needed:

What I have also done is added a pattern=".(7,}" attribute to the password input field. What this does is only let’s you submit the form IF you have met the actual minimum character requirement.

The next part is my favorite: You can get it here for FREE!

Let me know what you think about it by adding a comment below!

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