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WooCommerce Search Available Bookings Widget

WooCommerce Search Available Bookings Widget

This is a premium plugin that was built as an extension to the WooCommerce Bookings plugin. It provides a means to search bookings which are available during a certain time. Users of your site can select a date range, start date to end date, and this plugin will search through all your products and find all the ones that are not booked during that range of time.
It can be used as a standard WordPress widget, and placed into your registered sidebars, very much like you are using WordPress widgets today.
It has a few settings within it, to allow for changing the labels of the displayed text and changing the text for the submit button.


  1. JB


    Is this your plugin? Are you able to customise this for a price?

  2. RF

    Really depends on what customization you are looking for 🙂 you can email me directly if you would like to discuss further (here)


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