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With 2014 behind me now, I foresee many new challenges that lay ahead for 2015. From personal challenges to the work/life balance challenge, one thing I know for certain is that this year will not be an easy win.

The results from 2014 are definitely rewarding, and the accomplishments are also. My family and I have some strides ahead of where we wanted to be at this same time last year, so that is good. The pitfalls to those rewards, are those accomplishments are great and all, but looking further back, we thought we would have been further advanced than where we are at today. Which makes this year, that much more important to win those challenges, because there is a lot of make-up to be had.

I am simply going to list what this years’ challenges bring to the table:

  • Read the Bible everyday
  • Be less sarcastic (especially to my family)
  • Help others when I see that they need help
  • Begin selling premium WordPress plugins
  • Pay off medical bills, and prepare for new ones coming
  • Live off less income, save more
  • Go on family vacation (actually turn off my phone this time!)
  • Workout often (at least twice a week)
  • Prepare for next Christmas earlier (this one involves ‘listening’ to others better)
  • and finally…

  • Find ways to make my wife happier!

There are some personal goals that I have not listed here, only because those are between my wife and I, and although this list may seem somewhat immeasurable, these are the challenges that I have set forth for myself in this year, 2015.

Great things will come, as long as I stay focused on the task at hand, and look back often at this list. The moment my thoughts start to wonder off from this list, is the moment that I fail, not only myself, but my family as well. I, for one, do not want to be a failure to my family, and I have committed to these through to fruition.

Be good and do great things, and you will prosper at the end of the day. Follow God, and ensure that what you are doing pleases Him, everything else will fall into place according to His will.

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