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I maintain and use wordpress for my website ( ) and my hosting is with network solutions. I use the Kalium theme. I’m an artist and I would like to make sure my wordpress website is secure/safe/setup properly and offer paintings and prints for sale. I was thinking about using the woo commerce plugin. My painting time has been cut in half due to me having to care for my elderly parents everyday from breakfast until mid afternoon thanks to this covid mess. They live around the corner from me. I’m not up to speed with the web stuff anymore. I did use dreamweaver and flash actionscript back in the day, but when Apple decided to not support flash and flash changed to actionscript 2.0, I threw in the towel. I’m looking for someone who can get my website right, setup the woocommerce on my site and teach me how to use it correctly. I do plan to get very active on social media with live presentations on facebook, youtube videos of me painting, & other social media outlets. I see you are in Wake Forest, I’m in Lumberton, NC. I visit Jerrys Artorama quite often and Duke Hospital a lot with my folk’s doctor appointments. My wordpress knowledge is horrible and it’d be nice to have someone I could contact, explain the problem and pay to fix the problem so I can keep busy on the art. If you are not interested, can you suggest someone in North Carolina that might would be willing to work with me. I appreciate your time and help! Thank you!!

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