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I’d like a quote for rebuilding my old website,, on WordPress, hosted by GoDaddy. The current site was originally created on MS Frontpage.

There are 25 simple static pages, including 21 articles that will be blog entries under WP.

There are three order form pages to let people subscribe to the newsletter, order back issues, or subscribe to my free e-mail updates.

Ten pages are tables of data that I periodically (once every month or two) update. Until now I have been doing this by cutting and pasting HTML code generated by Word mail merge documents that query an Access database. I can continue to do this, but I’d also like to consider generating the pages directly from the database, so that all I need to do is update the database instead of re-generating the HTML (or XML, or whatever).

Finally, there is a page that allows users to create custom queries of three aspects of the database: theaters, films, and organizations. This is based on .asp code created by a programmer I hired about 20 years ago. It queries the same Access database, a copy of which is stored on the host server.

If it is simple, practical, and cheap to reuse this code in the new WP version of the site, great. I understand that this is probably not the case, and that creating new code to generate similar results for users will probably be needed.

The Access database is the heart of my business: I use it to track all the data I use to report on my indus-try, and to store details of customers, subscriptions, and other business matters. For the current website, I make a copy every month or two, delete all of the tables that aren’t needed for the web queries (for privacy and to reduce the size of the file), and upload it to the server.

If Access is not optimal as a source for the new version of the website, I can periodically export data to another dB format, but I will continue to use Access internally.

Please feel free to e-mail or call me with any questions.

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