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I have two projects I want to discuss with you. The first is for my family’s business – they have a large site ( that sells audio programs – hosted at GoDaddy on WordPress/Woocommerce. I have been trying to do some maintenance for them, and am running into technical hurdles that I can’t figure out. I need someone to go through the whole site, fix the broken things (eg. coupons currently create a fatal memory error, outgoing emails don’t work, etc.) and be an on-demand resource for future support/tweaking.

The second project is completely unrelated. I have a new business called SwimClips (see I need a website designed & built for my business – with general info/marketing content, registration and sign-in pages, and video catalog/play/edit pages. I have a back-end developer working on the video generation side, but need a front-end developer to develop the user facing experience and help me with SEO, marketing, communications strategy, etc.

Ideally I’d like to find the same person to help me with both of these projects. The first one is super urgent, so please get back to me ASAP. My cell phone number is 408-768-5545. Thank you!

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