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Bring the holiday cheer with you, when you come to shop at any retail establishment. This year is crazy with sales and discounts for getting the economy back to where it belongs…

I was out shopping on Black Friday with my wife, it was 11pm, and the Big Box toy store was the destination next. The freeway was 10 minutes of driving, then we hit the off ramp. Anticipation of filling the shopping lists was building as we rounded the corner down the side street to get good parking. Lo’ and behold what do our eyes see? There must have been over 500 shoppers in line before me…

The only store that opens at midnight that night was this toy store, and it was packed to the brim. The line of would-be shoppers extended past the four other Big Box retailers and up the other side street. Each of the first shoppers already had cart ready to go, it was the last in line that was virtually the only ones without them. By the way, it was only 11:15pm at this time.

We quickly looked at eachother and turned around to come back home. This type of shopping is not for us.

I believe that the economy is still strong, the vision of shoppers proved that to me. The retailer was set to make a mint that night (morning really), and I was actually happy to see that many people in line despite the down economy we face today.

Retailers should take note that the main reason why it is called Black Friday is primarily due the fact that they make so much money on that one day, that they go from negative earnings (Red, for the year!), to positive earnings (Black, for the year!). Now, if that does not convince you retailers to offer special discounts and incentives to have that cash flow through your doors, I am not sure you are thinking with your sales hat on.

SIDENOTE: I went shopping on Saturday, purchased what I would have on Friday, and maintained the discounts too! That tells me that the retailers are extending the ‘Black Friday’ to the ‘Black Weekend

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