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Why do I have a “Get It Done” list instead of a “To-Do” or “Checklist” or a simple list of “Resolutions”?

There are millions of people out there that have a list of “resolutions” that they jot down this week and set out the new year in an effort to achieve them. The main issue is that they typically look at the list, get super excited for a couple months, then simply get overwhelmed and seldom achieve the full list. That list of resolutions spans, sometimes, over 20 or more items, and can seem daunting from just glancing at it. Often you will find yourself looking at a goal, and trying to figure out the how’s and what’s before really understanding the why’s behind it all.

My suggestion is to take that same list and narrow it down to only five items, and forget about the rest of them. One of my friends recently turned me onto a story about Warren Buffett and his advice to his driver. It went a little like this:

Mr. Buffett was curious as to why his driver was so happy with just being his driver, and not striving to achieve more in life, so he asked him; what’s on your top 20 priority list? The driver showed him, and Mr. Buffett then said to him; Now only choose five of those and circle them.

This exercise caused the driver to understand that there are only a handful of items that one person can truly focus on to get done with quality. With that said, Mr. Buffett was simply wondering why the driver was not focused on getting on one item on the list actually accomplished…foresight would show that he was simply overwhelmed and cause of stagnant movement.

So, what are you focused on this year? What will you “Get Done”?

Here is my Top Five:
1. Read the Bible
2. Learn more about my beautiful bride
3. Capture 6 more customers to FloresSquad
4. Get a promotion at my day job – Socious
5. Successfully complete the Tough Mudder

There are obviously results with these in mind, but if I am to focus on just these, I will greatly increase the happiness in not just my life, but many.

When I am to read the Bible everyday, I will be able to walk like Christ, talk with more confidence and show the love that GOD has for his people so much more better than I could ever do. I would be able to gain the wisdom and knowledge needed to live a better life.

When I am to learn more about my wife, I could become so much more closer to her than I could ever imagine, and there is nothing more than just being close to her that I want.

When I am to gain 6 more customers for my side business, I would be able to sustain an amount of income that could relieve my wild and crazy attempts to meet my monthly amount needed to live like no one else, so that later, I can live like no one else.

When I focus on my work, and complete every new project that comes my way with flying colorsand exceed expectations, the rewards would come pouring in.

And finally, when I complete the Tough Mudder, I will have accomplish one of my bucket list items!

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