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I sit at my desk and often listen to that monkey sitting on my shoulder telling me that I cannot do what I am currently thinking about.
I write this to talk a little about how our beliefs in ourselves are often limited by that little voice that says “No, you cannot do that because…”.
So, talking about the “because…”; what are those limiting factors?
There are so many that the list could go on and on. The number one factor limiting most of our beliefs is MONEY. Imagine that.
“I cannot do that because I cannot aford it”
What if you change your mindset from “if I don’t HAVE money, I can’t DO that, so I will not BE wealthy.”
To “I will BE wealthy, when I DO that, and then I will HAVE money”.
How do you do that?
You change from a life by default to a life by design.
Stop complaining, stop blaming and stop justifying the fact that your life or your business is not going according to your vision. Start doing!
What you focus on expands…negative or positive.
Focus on your goals, do something each day, each month and expand that to each year. With that simple step of not limiting your belief that you CAN do it, you will expand that can do attitude into a HAVE done accomplishment.

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