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Specializing in custom plugins, theme functions and extending WooCommerce.
Hello, my name is Ray, and I appreciate you stopping by. If you are finding yourself in need of someone to bounce an idea off of, or are looking to add a special something to your website, feel free to just ask.
A winning combination for websites
If your website is a selling vehicle for your business, in my biased opinion, the WordPress platform plus the WooCommerce eCommerce engine combination, is the #1 choice for your business.
Partnering with
Agencies and Contractors

Bringing years of WordPress expertise and project management to handle your tasks at a lower cost.

Each project is taken very seriously. Acknowledgement of not only my success rides on the outcome but also the partner agency’s success. My creative agency partners feel at ease knowing they can rely on my development expertise so that they can focus on their core competency of marketing, design, branding and user experience.
Your business is consistently evolving. Your website should be treated as only you would want it treated. That’s the difference. When you hire me you’re getting more than what you bargained for. You’re gaining a dedicated WordPress professionals who will treat your website like it’s my own. I’ll take care of all the technicalities that you don’t want to deal with, so you can be at ease.
Teaming up with
Business and Site Owners

Rather than full-time in-house staff, where hiring costs, plus payroll taxes, and salaries can quickly add up. For a fraction of the cost, you’ll get a dedicated professional with years of experience.

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