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Frustration is what we deal with almost daily…when things are going good, we sometimes are frustrated about the days that they did not go so good…it lives within us, but does not have to.

This will serve as my update on one of my goals for this year: Tough Mudder.

February 23, 2013 was the date that I was to accomplish a goal I set about six months ago. I say was because it never happened.

I trained just about everyday for 90 days (P90X is a great workout by the way), well, I take that back, it was for only about 84 days, as on day 85, I got sick…bad.

Stuck to my bed for two days straight…frustration built as I thought I could rid this sickness in time to be ready Saturday morning… sickness started Wenesday night…

Now, you must also remember that I am a Father of five and Dad’s never get sick! So “Tough It Out!”, throw some dirt on it and come on! That’s the creed, that’s what I tell my kids and instill in them to not cry about every little thing…but this was not so little…and it got me good.

So, I missed it, my chance to fulfill a goal, my chance to prove I am macho (hehe), frustration settled in.

Then, the onslaught of kidding, joking, head between my tails with my buddies, ensued. There was nothing that was held back, gloves were off, and I had to take it like a man…and sit and be frustrated…until, that is, I talked with my wife.

She has become my calm in the storm, my rock, my bounceback. She says to me…it was just not meant to be, there is always another day, and be thankful for your health now. That hit home with me something fierce. The fact that I am the man of the house, the strength, the protection, and I couldn’t do this caused frustration to build so much within me that I was about to blow my lid off…until she said those little words…I let it go, prayed about it, and saw that it was actually not that big of a deal.

Sure it was money that I could have used elsewhere, sure it was some ‘manly’ proof, it could have been fun and entertaining as well…but you know what? It would have also put me in even worse shape if I would have ‘Toughed’ it out…maybe pneumonia, maybe bronchitis, maybe something worse than what I had, that’s for sure.

So, yes, I let frustration settle in too long…and yes, I let the stinkin’ flu get the best of me…when all I had to do was pray and talk with my best friend, and let it go.

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