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No, not a six pack of alcohol (we do not drink alcohol), not six pack of abs (I’ve retired from working out), but a six pack of little children!

A few weeks ago, my wife and I announced that we would be having our sixth child. Can you believe it? Who would have ever thought, me, as a father of six? Definitely not me, that’s one.

When I was younger (aging slowly), I thought about having two kids, and that would be that.

Then, when we had our second child, I thought it was not quite enough, let’s have one more.

Three come along, I went in and got a vasectomy, that made it final, no more children baring years for us…

Then we got that itch, that itch to have more…but how?

We found out about this world renown doctor, wait, he lives here, in Arizona? Something about that seemed all so right…so the vasectomy was reversed.

We prayed about it, we talked about it, and we prayed some more… trying to get an answer as to decide with guided wisdom. What does GOD think about family size?

The youngest person in the doctor’s many surgeries that he has dealt with to date. (I was 31 years young) The surgery went surprisingly well (micro-surgery, where there are three layers that have to be sewn back together with a microscope, the surgery lasts three hours), of course, I was sleeping, so I did not feel a thing.


The aftermath of the reversal surgery was far less painful then that of the vasectomy!!

I have not told too many people about my having a reversal, but those of you who think we were crazy to go through with it, I ask you this: How do you really know when enough is enough?

After joyfully watching the Duggar Family grow over the last many years, I find it intriguing to think about a VERY large family. All the holidays together, the organized chaos that erupts at any given moment, all the fun family events that you literally just have to walk outside to enjoy… that is my cup of tea for sure. Imagine not having to go get the neighborhood kids to play a game of kickball…now we are talking…

So, after all this thinking and surgeries, we now are in the position to have a Six Pack.

Here is a recent photo of the Fab Flo Five:

and so, by the end of September, we will add one more… and that will complete the Six Pack, of kids.

When is enough, enough? Going back to the Duggars, they have 20 children, who have children, and they are thinking of adopting more! See this article on their “open hearts to the idea”.

My kind of thinking, but, in regards to the more part, I am at my personal capacity. Give me some time to get used to six. However, we do have an “open heart to the idea”, and because we do not really know what GOD has in mind for us, we continue to pray about it.

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