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Well, here we are, back in the saddle again.

We began our journey some 12 years ago within this real estate marketplace in on form or another. Since then, it has been a steady uphill climb to the top. Once the pinnacle was reached, what was left to do?

On to the Dark Side – Brokerage

KW Commercial was the company of choice because of many factors.

  1. Longevity of company (Keller Williams Realty backing)
  2. Amount of brokers within the KWC network
  3. Team of surrounding personnel
  4. Quality of Beliefs
  5. Vision/Mission of company
  6. Value systems in place
  7. Profit Margins/Commission Splits
  8. Profit Sharing
  9. Family values
  10. the list could go on…
  11. This list is given to you because of the fact that there is always a criteria in choosing you next career move, and you should be thinking about these anyways.

    The decision was made based upon this list and talking with the the loving surrounding support team behind us.

    We are happy to have joined the KWC family and will be setting the bar for commercial brokers within the system.

    Keep an eye out for us on the street, as we will become a force to be reckoned with as time passes on.

    Here is to new ventures and great wins!

    Now, does anybody have any deals they need completed?

    let us know!

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