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One Deal, Two Years

Having been involved in commercial retail real estate for as long as I have, the fact of ‘people you know’ comes into play often. Commercial retail real estate will forever be a ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ network, so by way of years of relationships,...

Caballero Grill

First unit was such a success, now looking for the second! Approx 6,000 sf, second generation restaurant space preferred, east valley. Ray Flores selected the first one, and now helping Caballero Grill locate the second optimal space.

Academy Mortgage

Seeking sites across the Southeast valley. Having placed two locations already, Academy Mortgage is looking to expand it’s reach and access by adding more branches. Approx 3,000 sf high traffic, good parking and tons of real estate offices.

Eat Mo’Ziki

Eat Mo’Ziki is looking for a franchisee in the state of Arizona to assist in it’s ever popular growth model. Ray Flores has been selected to represent the commercial retail real estate within Phoenix, Arizona. Seeking end-caps, upscale lifestyle centers,...

Sonic Drive-In

Phoenix Arizona franchisee has selected Ray Flores to acquire nothing but the best commercial real estate in Arizona. Seeking pad sites, developed or undeveloped. One acre in size.
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