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How much do you value execution? How do you know what really matters?

We all have plans to, vacation, create better dietary habits, build relationships, but do you have plans to work on your strengths?

Do you know what you are truly good at?

Do that. Work on your strengths, and that’s it.

If you can do 95% on one thing, that will become your biggest victory yet. Leave that 5% to handle all the other stuff.

Don’t get me all Raw Raw about how good you are at this and that, show me how you Execute, show me the results of your execution!

If you are an expert in your field, show me what you have done, and that is what gets me interested in people.

Maybe you love to build things and you have an old box of a thousand LEGOs… what can you build with that? What do you need to build it? What is your plan of attack? Finally, what does your result look like?

For example, the SuperBowl 2013 brought some great execution, not that we have time to go through all of them, but the one that comes to mind right away is Special Teams. In order to win football games, all three aspects of the game must be executing at higher capacities than that of your opponent. Baltimore Ravens executed on Special Teams when it counted the most, and that resulted in a record breaking kick-off return of 109 yards (are you kidding me right now!). From the catch to every block, perfect execution resulted in six points.

Let’s talk about planning and executing the plan to perfection, and who else comes to mind but GOD.
The Earth, Done. People, Done. Sending the Perfect Person, Done in Jesus!

GOD sent Jesus to this world to show what perfection looks like! HIS plan was to create such a buzz about Jesus that spreads like wildfire so that everyone in this world will know that GOD will always love them. So much so, that HE sacrificed HIS only son for them. HIS plan, and the execution thereof, today is read about in the Bible. You can read how this remarkable plan unfolds, and how the precise execution of this plan results in the saving grace for all of GOD’s children(we as a people). There are numerous stories of how Jesus comes to a city with a plan, and perfectly executes that plan, and changes lives! Then the story of how Jesus was sacrificed for all of the sins in the world, and was crucified on the cross.


But wait, there is more! Three days later, he rose again! Bringing more life into this world, more joy, more of what this world needs!

What a well crafted plan, that was executed to perfection!

You can read more about it in the the Good Book.

Finale: You will be that one person that stands out from all the rest, removed from the clutter. You will be a shining light that is able to give invaluable advice to others. The only thing you need, RESULTS!

You can scream at the top of your lungs from the highest mountain about what you are doing or about to do or how you can do it, and no one will want to listen because you have not proven that you can do such a thing.
It’s like the old saying goes:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

The plan would be to teach what you have done, to others, so that they too can do what you have taught them. You can show them that you eat plenty of fish everyday, and then you teach them how they can too!

Get out there, focus on what you are good at, create your plan, and plan to EXECUTE. That is what matters the most.

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