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So, how does a new broker get business for the new venture? It all starts with marketing. Marketing starts with websites. Websites start with corporate identity package. Corporate identity packages start with logo. Logo starts with brand image.

That is a lot to take in, but let it soak for a minute, and let’s start from the top (or the last part of the above list).

Brand Image: As someone who has been in the corporate real estate field for this long, I originally thought of a ‘company’ image. Then I went to a marketing seminar, about social media, and came up with the fact that my brand image is nothing more than ‘ME’. So, how do I want to brand myself, or, better yet, what does my personal brand say out loud? My personal brand image was actually done already, and it started the moment I stepped into this world of commercial real estate. So, I will have to put my name on it in order to get the right message across about the brand, thus The Flores Team.

Logo: Not too difficult here, simple text with a little Web 2.0 flair.

rayflores_front_buscard_KWCorporate Identity: From stationary to business cards, this was a must in my mind. When you hand someone (potential client/customer) your business card, that is the first impression they look at when they take it out a few hours later from meeting you. This will ultimate peak their interest to then either pick up the phone to call you, or visit your website.

Website: This is where the fun happens. To make your identity come alive. To drive home the message that you are the expert in your respected field. To ultimately get the client/customer (or potential) to the contact us page. The goal is to get an action from the viewing public. You can have the slickest website around, but the fact will remain the same:

it is not the tools being used, but the message that is conveyed

If you convey the wrong message, you will never be able to reach your goal – the initial contact.

Marketing: This involves many things. From email signature blocks to newsletters to postcards to signage. This is where the eyeballs of the viewing public are concentrating. And if you drive home the same message on a consistent basis, then you will be noticed by those same eyeballs. If your marketing efforts are focused on print media, and today’s viewing eyeballs are focused on text messaging, or the web, or social media, then you will be sorely missed, and thus you are spending money where the return is not good at all. Why do you think Geico has a whole new marketing campaign focused on a set of eyes on a stack of dollar bills? they get it, do you?

Marketing is no longer about the biggest billboard, or the best TV ad during the superbowl, it is about customer service. That is where I know we can excel. Our customer service oriented team will make a huge difference in the mind of the client, and when a good service is talked about, the referrals come flowing in. BUT, don’t forget that there is an extreme opposite effect if you do not have great customer service. It is the old law of exponentials…your biggest and best return on investment is word of mouth advertising.

Stay tuned for more from this… I will be creating a series of posts based off of this theory.

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