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Another year passes and the day before I celebrate another day of birth… Here we are January 1st, 2014.

It seems as though 2013 went by really fast, and some of the events that happened may have been either missed or overlooked.

Let’s take a look back at some of the events that left a lasting memory for our family:

January: We found out we were pregnant with our sixth child.
February: Brooke celebrated her first double digit birthday.
April: Celebration of the Son rising!
June: At Socious for one year.
July: Family trip to the beach and SeaWorld.
August: Celebrated Heather’s 38th birthday; Brooke joined the Pre-Pro dance team.
September: Baby Holden was brought into this world; Hunter celebrated his 12th birthday.
October: Hudson and Harrison both celebrated a birthday; started working for Tweaky.
November: Boo Boo celebrated her Third birthday.
December: Celebrated Jesus birthday! One year closer to Forty!

Now we look to resolve some unfinished goals, new goals and future plans. Goals that will be tough to achieve and goals that might come easy, but same goals that will challenge us spiritually, intellectually and physically. We look to our Savior for wisdom, guidance and strength to achieve these goals and ask for forgiveness as we reflect on our past. Alone we are able to achieve little, together and through God, we are able to achieve great things. Although we will never know His plan, we can choose to follow the Son and attempt to be worthy of his Grace and favor.

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