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With a recent uptick in same store sales, Tropical Smoothie is in growth mode once again. Tropical Smoothie has been experiencing a bit of a downtrend over the past year, until recently.

There has been a surge in customer loyalty and new customer acquisition, and with the help of bright and shining stars at the helm of operations, Tropical Smoothie is, once again, expanding in key markets. Those markets include Arizona. This is where I step in.

I was contacted to assist in finding the perfect locations for the next roll out of units within the Arizona marketplace. These plans could not have come at a better time within the current economic conditions of Arizona retail space. Rents are down and deals are being done at rates that make leasing fun again.

Finding the right locations for Tropical Smoothie should pose as a rather simple process, seeing as how I was able to take a similar concept and grow them to leaps and bounds within the same territory. Actually, one unit in particular was the first of its kind to have the register ring in over $1,000,000.00, in smoothies, can you believe it? Well, if you happen to be driving past 99th Avenue and McDowell you will see a smoothie concept doing just that today. I am planning on helping Tropical Smoothie do the same.

With only a few stores in operations now in the Arizona marketplace, the expansion plans call for a quick ramp up. Tropical Smoothie is looking to add several locations across the valley of the sun and even into Tucson, Arizona. The ideal location fits about 1400 square feet with the minimum frontage at 20 feet. Deals will get done at long terms intervals, and attractive rent rates.

Let me know if you have the right space for Tropical Smoothie – here.

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