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When we get out of bed and thing about the possibilities with the commercial real estate world…are we thinking what we should be thinking? Do we really have a crisis on our hands? Are the banks the ones in real trouble, or is it the FDIC all over again?

These questions are the likelyhood of what the thoughts are of the commercial brokers out there, but should they be?

I ask these questions, because as I watch the news, as I read the papers, and as I read the blogs from the top resources, it really seems like the Fed’s learned their lesson with the residential debacle. They have turned to notice the mistakes made, the pitfalls and the worries that the whole residential mess caused and is still causing.

Without looking at the wake that the residential downturn left behind, take a look at restructuring the loans with the banks to begin with. If the FDIC really does what it says it can do with the commercial portion of the debt that the banks are carrying, then we will all breath a sigh of relief.

The FDIC is looking to forgive the difference in debt of amount versus value for the banks…if this does happen, then the commercial world will be safe from harm and implosion.


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