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Lots of people build lots of things. From physical things, like tables, to technical things, like websites. However, when building things, you must start with a solid foundation, and build from there. In regards to websites, it is using a strong content management system, like WordPress, and with physical things, like tables, its using strong wood, like Hickory. Those that build with opposing foundations, let’s call them, well, foolish.

This is the story of the wise and foolish builders. We have all heard it before, but from where? Do you remember? Can you recall the last time you actually listened to the words of the story? Do you remember where you read this story from?

Having built on solid rock foundation, allowed the house to weather the storm. On the other hand, that ocean front property, simply washed away, and the house came crumbling down.

Now is the time that we can look back and build even better things, utilizing the foundations that we have built in the past. Today’s technological advances let us touch others’ lives in a way that puts ideas, expands the minds of, and relates to the persona of how each of us tick. This is where the foundation comes from.

To build a force, there must be a build up. To build up, you must utilize what you have already built and build upon it. Not so forceful if the foundation is not there…

What are you building?

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