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Prior to 2018, while viewing the custom post type shop_order in WooCommerce, each fields was customizable, and you could click anywhere you wanted and it would act as expected ( do action on what was clicked ). On the latest version of 3.3+, WooCommerce made the entire ROW as a clickable row, instead of each column or cell within the table.

A while back, I had built an inline bulk editor for some custom fields for an awesome customer of mine. The need was to insert numbers on the orders table screen, and use the “bulk edit” action dropdown to save the fields, and it works ( worked ) beautifully. After the 3.3+ update ( when the orders table screen changed ) that idea of inserting ‘anything’ into that order row, no longer functioned the way I had originally intended. Instead, clicking inside the input fields, now took you directly to the edit single order screen…which defeated the entire purpose.

After some research, and noticing others were confused by this as well, there was a patch created, and thus now we are able to filter the order row to allow the ability to click anywhere without taking us directly to order edit screen ( unless you click on the order number or name of the order ). Here is what the consensus came up with:

And it works wonders now!

Let me know if you were also up against some constraints with this little ditty 🙂

or if you are interested in what ‘bulk edit’ can do for you… maybe update a custom order field without having to go into each order? maybe mark the order in a special way? even the products table, maybe bulk update stock, or price or some global field? whatever your heart desires, I am sure there is a way to bulk edit it on the orders table or products table, allowing you less clicks and less time to achieve editing all those orders, or products on one screen!
I can help you with that! Submit your project, and let’s plan it all out.

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