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Ok, so a slight play on words here on this real estate website. However, without building links, where does the traffic come from? Without the ability to add new subscribers and readership that would otherwise not be captured, were would the traffic come from? Dizzle is the answer!

I joined Dizzle a few months ago and have found it to be an extraordinary resource to gain likes, tweets, readership and subscribers. Not only have I been busy with buildings in the real estate field, but I have been busy building links as well! As I continue to explore the opportunities that Dizzle allows in the world of sharing, liking, plusing, tweeting and linking, I find myself thinking of many ways in which I can help others do the same.

Through the efforts from this single source, I have found this website growing in readership and subscribers two fold. I started with a small list of friends, and added another 50% to a total of about 500 (489 to be more precise). That was before Dizzle. The response that was given from the Dizzle community took that same number and quadrupled it in a matter of about two months! Incredible. I too was amazed! Not only was I able to get high quality in-bound links, but some of the properties were now being viewed by those that would probably never see them anyways! There is a current survey going on, of my clients and customers, about how they found my property, and I am excited to find out if Dizzle may be the end result of the sale. If that is true, than being a member of Dizzle is well worth the price of membership (which by the time of this post is FREE!)

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, my thanks to having me a part of a great community of social experts and linkable kind of individuals, I feel proud to be a member of Dizzle.

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