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Ok, so here we go again. I am passionate about beginning new with projects and sometimes that spills into my own life.

Although I have been working in the real estate field for more than 15 years now, I have also been passionate about technology for probably longer than that ( I can remember. Wing young and working on programming with a Tandy computer that used a TV as a monitor).

With those two passions side by side, I have been full time in real estate and have kept technology ( mainly web development ) as a side business. A few years back, the income that was being brought in through web development (through my WordPress development site FloresSquad surpassed the income being brought in through real estate. Knowing that, I experimented in contract work with real estate, but that did not last too long ( they really needed a full time in- house guy, and that was not me by any means ). My thoughts with a scenario like that were to have a steady stream from real estate ( even though it would not have been all too big, it would have been reliable ) and make the most out of the web development business and push that really hard. Out of this was born. is a site where website owners who have WordPress as their back end engine can get questions answered and also sign up for monthly maintenance of their site. It is worth checking out.

As started it’s initial lift-off and began to get some memberships. It went really well for a few months, and then gained loyal subscribers and now has a good amount of active members that have contributed to the success of that site. All the while, as each new member came on board, the real estate transaction count started to gain some forward momentum. And then again, shift in gears on what was ‘priority’.

Now, headed into some big real estate deals, and on coast mode…the time to cease the day approached quickly. I had to make a choice for good on what I ‘really’ wanted to do, what made me happy, and what was the best source of income for my family. The end result was working in a full-time job for, transitioning my real estate to my partner, Pat Fylnn, and still allowing a few hours for moonlighting on WordPress customizations during the night.

So, in the end, I have not dropped anything, only focused my attentions to what makes the most sense for my family. I am excited to announce that the upcoming changes to the way this site is run and the merge of the others into this site.

It will better reflect the personality (or multiple personalities for that matter) of myself and allow the expression of my inner-self to come alive. What you can look forward to is me giving sound advice on web development, real estate teachings (every now and then), and acts of random kindness as I build this dot com out to be what it should be… about how I can help you all.

Thanks for listening, and I look forward to giving you more value in the the future.

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