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Is there ever an instance in your life when you say to yourself “I am getting old”, or I feel “old”, well, here is a How to know you are getting old little piece that I just threw together.

Let’s talk a little bit about something I like to call “my youth”. About 15 years ago, I was a dashing, in-shape, healthy, vibrant and lively young fellow.(modesty) I used to be able to stay up till the wee hours of the morning, then get up early and have a great day, never really worrying about how many hours I needed for rest. I used to lift weights everyday, and punish my muscles. Back then, I was able to replenish my energy with a pizza and soda pop, and I was good to go.
Now, let’s fast track fifteen years ahead. I am now a few months away from thirty-eight years old, and am trying to act as young as I can, but somethings I have gained because of my age. Bluntly put, I cannot figure out any other reason why I am feeling like this, other than it must be directly related to age.

So, the other morning, as I am getting ready for the day, and combing through my hair, my beautiful in the morning wife says to me, “hey babe, you should die your hair…”. What?!? Really?!? Is it that bad?!? (that was my initial reaction) I thought that you liked grey hair, I remember reading something somewhere (losing memory 🙂 ) that stated that grey is in! There are some worldly handsome men that have grey hair, here is an example:

source: – Eric Dane With Grey Hair

Now, although I do not exactly look like Eric Dane, but more like Leonardo Dicaprio (he is my age by the way), there is still the fact that I am growing crazy amounts of grey hairs. My grandfather, whom I so admired, had grey hair for a long time, and he looked awesome with it! Then it all fell out, and he still looked great. Most of my family members say that I greatly resemble my grandfather, along with the looks, all the way down to the hair.

Currently, I have very thick, dark brown hair (with hints of silver). With that said, I do not think that I am going to die my hair, I am going to let it get as grey as possible, which I am hoping will take an extended amount of time to turn over and then eventually fall out. I would rather wake up in the morning and not have to worry about my hair at all!

How to know you are getting old: when your spouse tells you!

here is what it looks like today:

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