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This is the update to how well the retail real estate strategy and system I use work.  Retail Real Estate in the Phoenix, Arizona marketplace is very difficult if you are not in tuned with what is happening in the retail real estate trends.  So, in an effort to secure the right location for Caballero Grill, my finger on the pulse, landed the perfect opportunity for them.

There was a sale of several buildings from a defunct operations concept, which saw about four locations across the valley of the sun shut their doors.  These buildings were not up for auction, as their locations were prime and the buyers were lurking every step of the way.  Once the sale(s) were announced, the buyers pounced on the opportunity to gobble them up.

Now, this is not where I come in, but rather, you will see me stalking these buyers instead of the locations…reason why? These buyers are very sophisticated in their purchasing habits and they know that I have the right leasing tenant to fill their needs, once they own the property. It is like buying a building that is already leased-up! Really there is no work done in trying to market the new purchase for lease, as they buy with tenant in hand, because they know I have the right tenant for their needs.

Anyhow, long story short, Caballero Grill has been open for a few months now, and is doing well. So well, that we are looking for their second location!

see them here:
Caballero Grill

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