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Retail restaurant client seeking new location for his conceptual idea of the next hottest restaurant to hit the valley.

So I took a call from, let’s call him Mr. X, who cam through from the office line the other day and began to wonder why I did. The gentleman was deliberate on his presentation, knew exactly what he was looking for, and basically told me how I should do my job of representing him. Well, after I heard about how I did not know anything and should be listening to every piece of direction he is giving me, it was then my turn to ask one question: so, tell me Mr. X, how many million dollar restaurants do you have now?

I already knew the answer to the question, but I wanted to prove my point: if you already know how to source the very best possible location for your restaurant, then why are you calling me? The fact remains that experience can be so valuable when solicited appropriately.

Here is why.

When you have been working for a restaurant system for upteen years, let’s say a great example would be Chili’s, know how to operate that same restaurant to maximum performance, and know how to turn around a dying restaurant, all having done so in the past, and now you have a great idea about a new restaurant concept, this proves that you are an Operator by trade or heart, however you see it.

What you should do, is leave the additional valuable pieces to the restaurant pie to the experts in that piece. In this case, the real estate piece.

Having had many successful units opened after the site selection, lease negotiations and work letter done, you become an expert in that particular field or niche of the pie. That is where I came in.

Having known what that success factor looks like through real life experience and work experience, I was confident that I could help Mr. X. The next step in the process was to take what was told to me and run like the wind.

Parameters: 3500-5500 square feet, existing or build-to-suite, east of downtown Phoenix, low lease rates, main and main. Pretty easy right?

Let’s see how good I really am…

(To Be Continued)…

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