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GOD loves it when you ask, now you just need to work on the size of your ask.

Matthew 7:7-8 “…ask and you shall receive…”

Do not be afraid to just ask, no matter how big or how small the size, do not be presumptuous that GOD knows what you want.

Size Matters and all you need to do is ASK HIM. GOD loves it more when you ask Audaciously!

If you ask Audaciously, believe Audaciously!

if your prayers are not impossible for you, then they are not worthy of GOD

You are revealing how big your GOD is by the size of your ask, go big!

Do not limit your selection by not asking: thinking – “…he would never bless me with something like that…” how do you know if you do not ask?

Only Audacious asks are worthy of an Audacious GOD

What problem is so big that HE cannot touch? What do you believe GOD can’t do?

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