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I have had my ear to the ground over the last few months, and because of that I have heard, from credible sources, that there are many seasoned investment professionals, or what we would call sharpshooters in the commercial sector have assembled funds in the $200-million to $300-million-plus range, from both the public and private investment connoisseurs, are targeted to acquire commercial inventory, either regionally or on a national scale.
The funds would also acquire distressed commercial product. The investors are wise to be thinking this seriously due to the, what we all want to believe is, the emerging market opportunity and the ability to hire a Kingpin and leverage their databases. The strategies seem to be relying on the relationships and aggressive work ethics going after the heavy hitters and institutional types, like bank inventories and REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trust).
Although most national banks are still holding their inventory “close to the vest”, I am certain the pull of the purse strings will start to convince them to loosen up just a bit. Not much action is actually being taken at the moment, but the cracking of knuckles is the preparation for the gradual light to turn from yellow to green.
Mid-next year, we will be GO FOR LAUNCH

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