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A customer recently requested a calendar based off of this look and feel:

Not too difficult it may seem… however, what you do not see there is the ‘actual’ page because the calendario is covering the entire screen! thus making it pretty slick to be responsive, as the page renders, so does the calendario… get it? pretty neat huh?

Anyhow, this particular customer was using WordPress, to which I thought ‘oh nice, let me build this as a plugin’… well, not as easy as one may think…

Searching for an alternative, already made, responsive calendar proved to be just as difficult as rolling my own… so, I went with the “DIY” way 🙂

With the help of a developer whom had forked the original (now stale) script: Devi Prasad had created a beautiful piece of work and is allowing others to benefit from it. I certainly used this newly improved (well maintained) version, and glad I did 🙂 You can see it here:

You can see a little of the collaboration that came about throughout the issues there, but more importantly, the shoutout at the bottom of the Readme.MD file 😉

Hope you like it and can enjoy it, you can get a full copy here:

Ps. I will be moving away from the custom field generator that is being using to my own meta, and also adding some options (perhaps a PRO version 😉 )

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