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GOD puts us in unique situations on purpose. This, I truly discovered this morning, during the initial Ironman bible study.

Ironman is awesome! It’s a rise and shine, wake you up, slap you in the face men’s bible study. Starting today, every Wednesday morning, a group of about 100 men meet and study the gospel, then share how GOD is moving in their lives. It is quite riveting!

Today, I had the pleasure of sitting with a new group of guys, whom I have never met. We shared our backgrounds briefly, then prayed for one another.

There were particular testimonials that jolted me (which is the Holy Spirit prompting me to listen), and my ears were perked and my heart was open to listening. It was as if they were speaking about my ‘things’ that are troubling me, and how they are getting through it all. It was as if they ‘knew’ what I was going through, or have gone through. The best thing about this part of the meeting, is that I can share how I have been able to get through the same experiences, which in turn, helps someone else.

The reason why I feel so strong about GOD puts in unique situations on Purpose, is because, when you open up to a group of people, like Ironman, there is something that is triggered in us that lends a helping hand, and can walk and talk with that hurting soul. This is so uplifting to that person in need, that it is precisely what they needed at the exact time. There is no coincidence about that, that is truly GOD’s plan in action.

The next time you feel that small tug at your heart, telling you that the person you are talking to needs a helping hand, know that you are being prodded by GOD to speak out to that person, and help them along the way. GOD put you there for a reason, and wants you to help someone else. God will also do the same for you, when you are hurting, he will put someone there for you to lean on.

Trust in GOD, trust in prayer, and trust that the plan is already laid out for you and listen with open ears to that tug at your heart.

What position have you been put in? Do you feel the tug at your heart? How have you acted on it? Please do share below!

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