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Snap Fireworks Brings A Bang To Arizona

Snap Fireworks Brings A Bang To Arizona

Recently I have been charged with finding the best locations for Snap Fireworks in all of Arizona. Finding the best locations for Snap Fireworks is exciting and fun at the same time. Not only are there plenty of retail spaces available, landlords are looking for this...

Tropical Smoothie in Growth Mode

With a recent uptick in same store sales, Tropical Smoothie is in growth mode once again. Tropical Smoothie has been experiencing a bit of a downtrend over the past year, until recently. There has been a surge in customer loyalty and new customer acquisition, and with...
Snap Fireworks Brings A Bang To Arizona

Retail Lifestyle Change

With the turning the new new year, comes change.  From persons to personalities, to lifestyle to Retail.  Now is the time where there are seen many Retail Lifestyle Centers changing, well evolving is more like it. We have come to a point in time where lifestyle is...

Service Company

This new client is looking for a building to purchase. They have been in business for a few years, and right now, business is good! They are completely busting out of the seems right now, and literally are stacked on top of each other in their current building. Here...
Snap Fireworks Brings A Bang To Arizona

The Rainmakers

So, as we all know the market is not up to speed and, frankly, considered a bit slow. However, there are these usual suspects called, the Rainmakers, who are getting ready for a storm to hit. Buyers of REO properties have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for a...
Snap Fireworks Brings A Bang To Arizona

REO Buyers and Investors Look to the Future

Recently I have been working with many buyers/investors that are often looking to the future and trying to disseminate where the REO market is headed to… These buyers/investors are thinking about the market and the direction. As we all know, the market is still...
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