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The Third Time Will Fool You

Baseball is a fun and exciting sport (if you are actually playing that is!). However, it is a mind game more than anything. Sometimes what you think is supposed to happen, often goes completely the opposite way. Take Hunter Pence for example. In the MLBWS, he ends up...

10/10 Equals 20!

The 10th of the 10th Month marks the first date with my wife, TWENTY years ago! The first time I had a chance to spend some time with the most beautiful, wonderful, inspiring, perfect, funny, charming, cheerful and most sought-after girl in high school, was twenty...
Logo Change Equal Brand Change

Logo Change Equal Brand Change

Does changing your logo equal change to the brand? Is your brand strong enough to that a change to the logo creates more opportunities? Let’s wrestle with that for a second… The unveiling of a new logo has its good sides and its bad sides, just go ask GAP....
Logo Change Equal Brand Change

Get Up and Over It Already

2011, a year to create new challenges, new highs, and get up and over it already! ‘It’ equals the year of 2010. The economy is in the tank, the outlook is bleak, and the silver lining is turning rusty. We have all heard it from one person or several. The...
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